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    It's ok, but too much latency for some features to be usable
    By: Marco      Submitted: 9/23/2015

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I bought this mixer over a year ago. I can get a pretty good sound with it, and I love being able to mix in analog. The only problem is ridiculous latency that makes many of the advertised features unusable (--I have a beefed up Mac Pro 8-core, over 20gB ram, so I know it's not on the computer end---). For example, sends can be routed through firewire to use software plugs and still mix in analog. But routing to Aux plug-in and back adds so much latency to that track you would have to adjust timing of every track (or group of tracks) on each channel of the Onyx just to utilize that feature.. I thought it would simplify my work-flow but it was just a hassle so I went back to doing nearly everything in the box, and just mixing stems or tracks on the Onyx AFTER I already do a pre-mix and filters/etc in the box. But at this point I may just sell the Mackie Onyx and buy a midi-controller with faders and knobs to just Stay in the box. Maybe better for live sound & recording, but not mixing.
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    Amazing Product from an Amazing Company
    By: Michael      Submitted: 3/16/2015

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    What is your opinion of this product? Amazing
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