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Great Travel Classic Guitar
By: Dennis C.      Submitted: 8/31/2017
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Product Rating Product Review This is a great travel guitar. It fits even on regional jets. It's light and fits in the top of luggage compartment on top of a backpack or small piece of luggage. Worst case it can be given to the airline attendant and placed in first class. The guitar has a full length neck which allows you to practice fretting. The sound is soft but that's expected with the limited size body.
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perfect portability, reasonable trade-offs
By: MJS from Redwood City, CA, USA      Submitted: 6/14/2012

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this guitar is really well-constructed. No roughness along the fret edges, everything is well sanded and smooth, without any visible gaps or blemishes. don't know, just received it Your general opinion of this product. *** The guitar I received is not the one pictured*** the AMS catalog photo is the old version of the Martin Backpacker, with the small headstock and small soundhole. I received the new version, with the larger soundhole and the more normal looking, larger headstock. This is not a problem, in fact I've heard that the new design is louder with more projection. I just wish the photo showed the actual product. the guitar is awkward to hold. However, I think that's a reasonable tradeoff for something to take backpacking and on airplanes. sounds a little plasticky, without much sparkle at the high end. Bass is not punchy or deep, but full and round. I was worried about it lacking low-end, but the high end turns out to the problem. I think I'll get some black and silver or composite nylon strings for it to brighten up the sound. looks basically unfinished. Martin says they put a thin finish on it, but I can't really tell. I assume it's to save cost, not for portability or durability or lightness. Looks nice enough, but will soon visibly show dirt and nicks from every happy trip. Oh well. comfortable. Not too high, though with such light nylon strings, there is no difficulty making barre chords
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Love it!
By: Cheryl from Greensboro, NC, USA      Submitted: 12/20/2011

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Of course- It's a Martin Haven't had very long Your general opinion of this product. We love it! It feels different than a traditional guitar but sounds great! We travel often so it is a perfect size. A little awkward but ok once I got used to it Every thing good Liked the look Good
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Backpacker's Delight
By: Walter from Colorado      Submitted: 9/20/2011

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Product is solid; You could bludgeon someone with the neck of the guitar. Had it for a few months and it is better than it was . Your general opinion of this product. Nice guitar. Decent sound , great tone and nice action. Funky shape is cool and gets lots of comments. Love the neck, full size , unusual for a travel guitar. I love the look of this guitar. I think either you do or don't.
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great fun guitar
By: Bill Sparrowhawk from Jacksonville, Alabama, USA, anonmyous24022      Submitted: 3/19/2011

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it's a Martin had it a couple of months; took on a cruise, played in performance (St Patrick's Day - Irish songs - went over very well!) Your general opinion of this product. well-made; surprisingly good sound for such a small instrument feels good; a little neck heavy purely acoustic - mellow looks so good you wonder if it is real wood until you smell it excellent
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A must have guitar for the frequent traveler.
By: AMS Customer from USA      Submitted: 2/5/2008

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Your general opinion of this product.

I have owned my BackPacker for three years. The guitar is solid and well made. It has held up to the rigors of travel both in the car and on the plane. It also holds its tuning and only needs minor adjustments between play times. The paded case was a very nice supprise and does a nice job protecting the guitar. The only problem after three years is that the Martin logo on the headstock began to peel.

My BackPacker came equipped with an AMP plug. I have only used it once. But it worked great and sounded good. The most impressive feature of course is its size. The guitar has a nice sound. However, because of its size, the sound doesn't not have the depth of a full size guitar such as my D-35 or my Spanish guitar. The paded case serves it's purpose very well.

The guitar is very easy to use. It was delivered to my office. I opened the box, tuned the guitar, and I was off.

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