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It's a martin first and foremost..... and a bass one at that
By: Colin Russell      Submitted: 6/5/2019

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Product Rating Product Review If you are looking for an acoustic bass guitar you cant go wrong with this Martin.... It's a real Martin...Feels and plays fantastic, sounds amazing ..... I cannot fault it. I almost cancelled the order as it was on back order for like 3 months and I came Sooooo close to cancelling and getting something else.... I AM SO GLAD I DIDN'T. Go on, Buy one... You know it makes sense.
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If you want the best Acoustic Bass this is it.
By: Michael Jackson      Submitted: 1/25/2014
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Product Review I love this bass unplugged it has a beautiful articulate tone and plugged in this bass really shines the controls are simple and the preamp is very nice if you want the best look no further. It's a Martin there is a reason they have been around for so long it shows from the moment you take the bass out of it's case till you hit your first note the quality control is amazing. My favorite feature is the simple preamp controls and the tuners turn with ease she also stays in tune which I like. It's a big instrument but it's not unwieldy it feels comfortable in my arms sitting or standing. The tone is to die for it's articulate,deep and resonating and plugged in all of that is amplified sounds beautiful I love the finish and especially the ebony neck and bridge I also love the smell of the wood I just hope I don't get caught in public smelling my bass lol At this price point I got exactly what I expected an incredible instrument made by the masters at Martin yes there are other nice basses that are much cheaper but when you want the best a bass that will last long enough to be handed down to future generations this is it. The action out of the box was perfect I even love the strings.
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