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    In love
    By: Brandon Nathaniel,      Submitted: 5/22/2015

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Where do I begin. If you think this model and the 14 fret version are comparable, well they're not. Sonically this guitar soars. The sustain is incredible and the balance of low end bass, punchy mids and just enough sparkle on the highs is left desiring more. I own several spruce top/rosewood back and side guitars and lately since I bought this last year it has been collecting dust, respectively. The natural smooth finish is attractive and when I received mine it was so new it smelled like mahogany throughout the house. A year later the smell of the guitar in an open room still lures me to play more and more. The wide spacing is a fingerpickers dream.. But don't fret, this guitar can be strummed and not left wanting. It just really shines as a fingerpicking instrument. I bought it on a twelve payment plan and having that option was really a nice provision for owning the instrument sooner than later. if could use a setup but I haven't had the will to part with it to get it done. Nbd.
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