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    Great For Kinlin
    By: James      Submitted: 5/19/2017

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? As much as I hate to leave a bad review. I feel that consumers should be aware of the low quality of this stick. As a new drummer I couldn't tell the difference between a 7a and a 12z...As a cheapskate I can tell you that the price was right. Compared to $8.00 for one set or $20.00 for 12 sets...It was a no brainer. I only have two problems with the stick. The first being...Not one pair are the same size in thickness. I don't have a pair of calipers to put on them, but just the way they feel in my hand. I know there is something different about them. The second and most disappointing feature of the sticks are the nylon tips. It was recommended to me that I use nylon tips with my totally awesome Nitro kit. The problem is that the tips come off...CONSTANTLY! Elmer's Glue doesn't work either. If you buy these make sure you buy some Gorilla Glue or something else that binds plastic to wood. Due to the disappointment of this product. I doubt I'll be buying any On Stage products any time soo
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    Excellent shipping great service
    By: Chris johnson      Submitted: 12/28/2015

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    What is your opinion of this product? Well worth the money very pleased with the make of the sticks
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