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    Just the right size for me!
    By: JC,      Submitted: 3/21/2015

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Frankly, I have a more pedals then will fit on this board. I could easily fill 3 of these. BUT.... 99% of the time I only use a handful of pedals. This board is big enough for my dirt pedal (actually a double wide double lotus pedal), my wah/volume (Morley mini), chorus (boss) and delay (digitech) I also got one of those mini octave pedals on there too. I power it all with a 1 spot, it is light and portable, I throw it in the bag and I can load in or out in 1 trip. the board is light and feels strong. I don't really see breaking it barring some serious abuse. The only complaint I have is that the carry strap for the bag has the end rings mounted in a silly place. I guess you could carry it across your back and it would stay put, like a quiver, but generally I just want to throw the strap over 1 shoulder, and it doesn't balance at all like that.
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