Item Reviews for: Peavey Scorpion SP15825 Replacement Basket  -  PEV SP15825RB LIST

    Makes speaker repair easy
    By: Mark      Submitted: 8/2/2017

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? This makes repairs easy, however... As little as "5 minutes" to change out? Really? If you're only looking at the absolute raw time it takes to pull the magnet and slap the new basket on, maybe you could do it. But, if the speaker has to be removed from a cabinet, say like an SP-5, then you're looking at over 20 fasteners which must be removed in order to get the blown speaker out. Once out, and the old speaker is taken apart, you should make sure there is nothing in the voice coil slot from the previously blown speaker, which could potentially cause your new speaker to blow the first time you give it a signal. Then, of course, it all has to be put back together. Sorry, but "5 minutes" is a wildly exaggerated claim for the real world. Depending on the cabinet the speaker has to be removed from, 30 to 60 minutes to properly remove inspect, repair and test, is not an unreasonable expectation. The product works great! Just allow enough time to do it right.
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