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    the vypyr series are the best modeling amps period
    By: Marky Mark from Pittsburgh PA      Submitted: 9/2/2014

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? the amp sims are about the best. the ease of use is extreme. Recording is ready to go without fuss. The amp sounds are punchy and pro sounding. Presence is incredible. The pod has been outdone in tone at this level and the pod was the best. The speaker is tuned exceptional regardless of what you hear from others. The sound is in line withe the loudness contour rules of audio otherwise known as the Munson Fletcher theory of sound volume human ear natural compression perception. Google it. It means that as sound gets louder we need to increase bass at twice the rate as the overall sound and reduce hi end. Midtones need to be reduced the most at 1k. What should be included is stereo fx since it has none and xlr jacks to send to a live mixer so itcan be used onstage. This was a big mistake for Peavy who had the oppportunity to dominate the pro market with superior sound at affordable prices. Line 6 made the same kinds of mistakes and overpriced their products while removing the best features. The vypyr Vip series is following suit by removing amps instead of adding them. The pedal is too much money and another mistake. It costs as much as the amp or more in most cases.
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