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    Best new SS amp available.
    By: David Fitzgerald      Submitted: 6/19/2014

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    Product Rating Your general opinion of this product. I gave this a 5 star rating, based on SS amps. The RD100 will crush this amp for $300 more. I got this amp mainly because I am lazy.meaning I don't have time during and after the work week to spend tweaking a tube amp to get the tone I want. switching out tubes.and everything else that comes with owning a tube amp.I play in a coverband, and just need something dependable and not high maintenance, which is really I think where SS amps shine. You get more bang for the buck imo. I had been gigging with the 350 watt crate shockwave fom the time it came out until I got this.The Shockwave is actually an Ampeg design and has a tube simulator in it.I believe it to be the best sounding Solid state head ever made.replaced it with this for one reason. The Electronics. and the fact it's 300 watts.The updated FXloop,built in D.I etc.The shockwave loop makes my gt-10 sound like trash using the 4 cable it was time to move on.
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    A true Metal Monster
    By: Greg M. from Bidwell Ohio USA,      Submitted: 6/6/2014

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    Your general opinion of this product. This is a Great head has a very good tone 3 channels clean,od1,od2,the clean channel has a great warm tone with a little bite. OD1 is my rhythm channel any sound you want you can get OD2 Screaming lead channel great sustain very clear and comes with a intelligent noise gate / Threshold
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