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    Works Well With TD-11K Controller & Well Worth The Cost!
    By: PCM      Submitted: 1/24/2016

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I have a Roland TD-11KVS drum set. I had recently upgraded the snare to a PDX-100 and was thinking of up grading from the CY-5 stationary HH pad to the mechanically triggered VH-11 - but at $400+ (new) or ~$300 (used) it was a challenging decision. So, I did a lot of research on the VH-11 online and tried a couple at a local music store; I REALLY liked how realistic it felt! But the question remained: how well does it work on a TD-11K? There's a dearth of information on the web about this combination of equipment... I finally decided to purchase a "Dent and scratched" unit from AMS and find out for myself. A Problem: At first I couldn't get the VH-11 to work with the TD-11K controller: it kept retriggering a close detect while in the closed position. A Fix: 1) I ended up dis/reassembling the upper HH mechanism and found that the previous owner had misaligned part of this mechanism. This helped but didn't completely fix the retriggering issue. 2) What finally fixed the problem was playing with the HH Open/Closed adjustment: you have to make 100% SURE that the calibration indicator is set EXACTLY between the two > -- < arrows when the HH pad is resting (i.e. not secured to the HH rod) naturally upon the controller (the Manual does cover this procedure). It's VERY sensitive, so make adjustments very carefully. Also, you'll probably need to recalibrate this periodically (I have). Once rocked in it's been very stable and reliable. Both the mechanical feel and the audio dynamic range of control is much better then with the original cymbal pad. And closing the HH results in a much more pronounced sound then the original foot pedal ever did. Yes, it's worth the money to upgrade on a TD-11KVS system!
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