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    Item Reviews for: Schecter Omen 8 8 String Electric Guitar  -  SCE OMEN82012 LIST

    Worth more than the price tag
    By: Mike      Submitted: 6/9/2017

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Well made axe and great sound. Takes a little getting used to at first because of the string spacing. Most chords on the f sharp string and b string are identical. Had to raise the action a little but no biggie. I recommend this guitar for any first time buyers that want the challenge of the extra low strings.
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    Unexpectedly High Quality
    By: Gabriel Palmer      Submitted: 2/22/2016

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    What is your opinion of this product? I gotta say, this guitar's build quality is superb. It is so so so much more than expected and beat the hell out of most of the guitars I played worth thousands in terms of build quality. Especially the neck. Love the neck. The tuning machines are alright but I would recommend a better gear ratio for the lower two strings at least. I gave mine some spare 18-1 locking tuners I had laying around and it did wonders for tuning stability. Tonally, it's alright. I found that the pickups are muddy as all getout when tuning to 8 string standard but EQ can clear up a lot of that if you're patient. That being said I switched it up and tuned it to 7 string G# standard/drop F# with a high F# fer funnies and it came to life, it sounds incredible now somehow. No mud anywhereand I dunno why that is but will not argue. If they woulda put in some quality PUs in this would compare to guitars double or triple the price easily. Buy it guys, this one is a great start into 8strings and much nicer than the Ibanez RG8 I promise! It's also a monster modding platform given the exceptional build so if you like to tinker this is a good one for that too! WORTH IT!
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