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    Rip off
    By: AJ      Submitted: 10/14/2015

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? It's shaped to fit my A-6 (commonly referred to as Avenger), but for $129 it is lacking in many areas. For that price, you would hope it would hug the guitar snugly like a Gibson or Fender case, but it definitely doesn't. It's not so loose that I have any real concerns about the guitar breaking or going out of tune, but it's certainly noticeable. The compartments for holding accessories don't have closing flap covers. The interior cloth is not a plush, soft velvet; it's a very, cheap unpleasant "nails on a chalkboard" feeling material. And the molded interior construction is just a hard styrofoam. On to the "pros": the exterior casing and clasps are incredibly sturdy. I have no worries that my guitar will get damaged no matter what conditions it goes through. Ultimately, I wouldn't be willing to pay more than $70 for a case of this quality. I didn't want to wait, but someone else I talked to mentioned that he spent some time sampling different bass cases until he found one that fi
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