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    Item Reviews for: Shure KSM44A/SL Studio Condenser Microphone  -  SHU KSM44ASL LIST

    This microphone is superb!
    By: Marco,mr.metal@hotmail.com      Submitted: 12/25/2014

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? i previously owned a shure ksm44 NOT the ksm44a. i didn't have much experience but i had money and i decided to be SHURE about how i spent it. at the time the original ksm44 was going for $699 so i jumped on it. i used it quite a bit and was always completely and utterly satisfied with the result. i didn't know what i had however and i let it go:^( long story short when i listen back to what i was recording and how it sounds now i'm kicking my own rear as i'm simply blown away at how good it sounds compared to other mice i've worked with since. this mic is honest yet flattering without over-emphasizing any frequencies. i can't wait to hear how the NEW prethos preamp sounds. instead of dropping $3500 on a neumann get two of these AND a kick ass preamp;^)
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