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    It IS tested with USB 3.0 (using Intel Chipset)! (Ignore the uninformed review below mine)
    By: Matt Leedy      Submitted: 11/22/2014

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I do NOT own this product yet, but the stupid review below which mysteriously says "Wait for USB 3.0" caused me (a newbie) to think that there is something wrong with this product so I did a ton of online research to figure it out... It turns out that Steinberg's site says that this has been tested with USB 3.0 on a computer with an Intel chipset. (And it also says that it works with Windows8). I've been comparing this product online to the Focusrite Scarlet i2i and the Presonus Audiobox 22 VSL because all three of them say that their preamps are amazing... My conclusions from reading numerous reviews on numerous sites is that PreSonus products are crap in general, Focusrite drivers drop out for some users & that while this Steinberg lacks basic mixing software for panning that is standard with other interfaces, it's a quality product. I'm going to buy it. I can pan & mix in my DAW.
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