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    Not at all what I expected
    By: Douglas      Submitted: 1/26/2017

    Product Rating

    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I bought this for my 10 year old daughter for Christmas. I wasn't too keen on the price being over $400. However, since AMS is amazing with their financing I decided to buy it. I imagined for that Price it would fill a room with sound. That was my fault for not researching the product. At only 80 watts it's severely under powered and despite manipulating the settings it is easy to break up the signal in attempt to reach moderate volume. I was looking for something her and her friends could use to jam out in the living room with at sleepovers, but, they can easy achieve higher volume without the system and not have their voices distorted. I spent a lot of money on a toy marketed as a semi-professional karaoke machine. I was also disappointed that it doesn't support Blu-ray or Blutooth for the price I paid. Would also like to say though that AMS has never let me down and always been very good to me. Going to run it through my Marshall ASD 100 from now on to get the volume I need.
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