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    Vox Rhythm Batt Powered Guitar Combo
    By: Thomas R Orner from United States      Submitted: 6/6/2014

    Product Rating

    Product Rating Your general opinion of this product. Let's face it; nothing is perfect and we can beat this up for sound quality but if you purchased it for Sound Quality then your the idiot. Remedy it by plugging your headset in because that's what it's actually designed for and I love it for the things I don't have with a wired Amp. I can travel with this and play it all the time jacked in with my mp3 aux plug inn, or with the awesome drum beats designed to help your What? That's right; it is in the Name, "Rhythm"...if you purchase this item do it for the portability to play anywhere with or without the headset but the quality of sound from this speaker will turn heads because I have to admit; kinda weak but then again don't buy it for that. Get a good headset and start getting your funk groove back and play to what ever beat you decide on because there are all types with many levels of speed to find that right fit. It enable you to start slow and work your way up to the actual speed which is great if you need it.
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