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    By: Secondfiddle      Submitted: 9/2/2015

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? This is a misunderstood pedal, if you play metal, lol buy it Other than that this pedal can be used for the best gain and EQ out of any distortion pedal ever in my pedal board. First off, the EQ is insane and delivers. Second and a close first, the distortion works well with the EQ. A very diverse pedal that works well with single coil and humbuckers. A unique plus to this pedal, it really brings out the sound of noiseless single coils pickups. I have two Strats with them and it opens up the sound that those pickups lack to make up for quiet, lol. Big Fun Pedal FFS
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    now for the real story
    By: Brent Early      Submitted: 6/29/2015

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    What is your opinion of this product? I've had this pedal for about three years. I keep dragging it out and trying to find a good sound with it. My amps always sound much better. Yes, I have good amps. Tube amps. Marshall's and a Triple Rectifier. Oh, you say. He has tube amps, you say. Look. I'm playing the pedal through these tube amps. From everything that is written about these pedals, you would think they'd sound amazing through my amps. They don't. It's the hype, man. I just re-read what is written about this pedal and I couldn't believe they were writing about the same pedal I have. It's ridiculous. I just decided to forget about the other pedals I was looking at. Has to be the same BS. Bottom line. This is a decent distortion pedal, but not worth the money. You can get distortion a lot cheaper than this. A modeling amp is better than this. A much better route is to buy used tube amps. Want brown sound? Used Marshall, 600 bucks. Want metal? Used rectifier, 900 bucks. It's the price of two or three of these pedals.
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