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    A a whole Studio of FX in One Pedal
    By: Marky Mark      Submitted: 12/30/2016

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? This pedal is gonna be Legend. Because models come and go and some are fadlike I never like Factory Presets so never judge on them. You can search online Oziel and Zoom as the two keywords to really see and hear this amazing pedal. He demos this pedal and he is a master player and his tone is incredible. I already knew that this pedal sounded this good but stumbled on his videos later. Best Zoom demos and one of the best players I have seen. The dynamics are not to be beat and this is because of what Zoom refers to as it's Sigmoid Curve Clipper Tube control in each amp SIM. It acts as an upper mid gain pumper without adding distortion. This is the hardest thing to do and it is the essence of tube magic. Solid State never had this capability. However Solid State is superior in steady clean and loud fidelity and excels easily past tubes for distortion pedals in front of amps IMO. In the studio clean sounds such as keyboard acoustic guitar chorus cleans were great for popping rhythms. Not that tubes cannot do them justice but you will find that they require lots of electric juice to stay loud and overheat easily in live volume demanding applications. So there are always trade offs. I try to get tube tone from solid states. The Zoom G3 does it well but tweaking always improves. Just the difference between pickups like a humbucker and single coil have the greatest tone variations which make it even harder to get the sound you want. Read my review of the G3x on this website of American Musical Supply. I believe the Diezel amp SIM is the best for Hi Gain and The Fender Twin SIM in the G3 is about the best for clean gain tube knob control that sets this sound apart especially With delay compression and chorus. Zoom videos on the G3. Pedal will be viwed as a staple that forces others to lift the bar and address affordability. It is the right size to access exactly what you need and have floor space to run other pedals. Scrolling presets is simple I am able to access everything easily and quickly with my feet. I am a long time live player and not a newbie. I tweak day and night. I have tried or own most multi fx pedals and lots are good at many things but this is my favorite even over much more expensive pedals. This is a studios worth of pedals in a box. There is a free Edit and Share software editor from Zoom and you do not need any license or password to download it and you can download it and take a look at it even without the pedal. You can get a couple thousand free patches right off of Guitar Patches website. The editor is really easy and looks great. I do lots of recording and I always run a clean matching signal to another track and then reamp it to the G3 to really liven up the sound sometimes with another amp SIM altogether. There is no limit to what you can do with the G3.
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    Zoom G# is a pleasant suprise
    By: Tom Schuster      Submitted: 12/16/2014

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    What is your opinion of this product? Ive only had it for a few days but overall so far im really happy with suprised they could pack so much into such a small package for the price. Its gonna take me a bit to really get to know how it all works but so far its been fun learning....
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