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    Whole Studio of FX in one Pedal
    By: Marky Mark      Submitted: 12/28/2016

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Always Chasing Tone the Search Never Ends. I have spent many years tweaking in the studio and in live settings. There is a certain organic feel to good tone that develops and some never quite develop it but those that stick it out usually instinctively begin to unravel the magic of organic tube fidelity. Tubes make sound swell to bloom and quickly compress again. This pumping excites our ears like the beat of a drum or the roar of thunder and it is part of the human response to loud noise. When we are not afraid of it, it is Euphoric. Solid State amps do not possess the ability to pump and pull like tubes. The sonic excitement the old timers talk about with old classic tube amps is a real phenomenon and the techs finally understand this and are getting very good at getting it. Most tube amps will lock you into a tone and response. This pedal will outdo most amps because of its versatility. The Hot Box fx in the G3 at its lowest gain setting in front of the Metal World at its lowest gain setting and into the Deizel Amp sim is about the best tube emulation I have heard.Because the Hot Box is an Emulation of a tube preamp and the Metal World is about the best at warming up the tone every amp sounds like a tube amp after these two pedals. Try noise gate first then into the HotBox and then into the Metal World then select an amp such as Diezel then stereo delay since you got to hear the delay overtones to really analyze the sound in essence to let you hear how it blends in a mix as echoes fade. Delay is preferred in a studio mix but reverb sounds better when guitar is alone. Try each amp with these pedals in front and you will be able to cover any sound at all. The Zoom original fx are some of the best I have ever used. This pedal is a tweakers dream and yes it requires lots of trial and error but is really fun and rewarding and you can really find your own sound signature. All the pedals are well modeled. Each amp SIM will sound different with every booster or distortion and every amp can use every cab. In any order you can use six slots ending in a stereo delay creating stereo imaging which is essential in recording. These multi fx pedals require a high fidelity clean amp channel with a tad of gain to stay on the sweet spot as dynamics increase. Play thru your home stereo it will give you the most accurate tone. Match your amp tone to your home stereo and your ready for live or studio. The dream for many is to make solid state amps match or exceed tube tone quality because tube amps are heavy and inconsistent they overheat and require regular maintenance and lock you into their signature cab sound. The hybrids really had the best idea but they have been dogged by tube snobs and are not being pursued and improved as they should be.So if you want a really super multi fx this is my pick as most versatile and tubelike and most affordable.
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