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JBL PRX425 Dual 15 Inch 2 Way Passive PA Speaker

From  $679.95$679.95
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The JBL PRX425 2 Way PA Speaker is the perfect choice for DJ's and bands who need low-frequency extension from the convenience of a stand-alone cabinet. For musicians, DJ's, House of Worship, public address, or  ...
JBL SRX828S Passive Dual 18" Subwoofer System

JBL SRX828S Passive Dual 18" Subwoofer System


5 out of 5 starsUnpowered. Requires separate power amplifier

From  $1,209.00$1,209.00
12 Payments of $133.25
SRX828S is a dual 18” subwoofer for concert, touring, or installed use. Featuring a wide stance for splaying top boxes, indexing feet for stacking in both the standard and cardioid position, and a 141dB max  ...
JBL JRX212 12 Inch Two Way Passive Stage Monitor

From  $224.00$224.00
8 Payments of $56.25
An affordable, hardworking studio monitor for your venue or touring rig, the JBL JRX212 2-Way Stage Monitor is a portable, 12 inch, two-way speaker system designed specifically for live performance stage  ...
JBL EON615/EON618 Powered Full Range/Subwoofer Pair Package

From  $2,459.00$2,459.00
12 Payments of $204.92
Take your PA system to the next level with this powerful, convenient package at a great price! Featuring two JBL Eon615 speakers and two JBL Eon618S subs each rated at 1,000 watts, this package is ideal for bands,  ...
JBL SRX828SP Dual 18 Inch 2000 Watt Powered Subwoofer

From  $1,899.00$1,899.00
12 Payments of $158.25
The JBL SRX828SP - a groundbreaking powered subwoofer! There are few companies in the pro audio universe that enjoy the reputation of JBL. With over seven decades of loudspeaker expertise, JBL continues to  ...
JBL EON615 Powered 15" 2-Way Full Range Loudspeaker Pair Package

From  $1,139.00$1,139.00
12 Payments of $94.92
A powered PA speaker package that includes 2 JBL EON 615 speakers, 2 stands, 2 bags and 2 cables. Since their introduction in 1995, JBL’s revolutionary, multi-patented EON speakers have been a real game  ...
JBL LSR308 3 Series 8 Inch 2 Way Full Range Powered Studio Monitors

From  $249.00$249.00
8 Payments of $65.00
Mixing music is all about the truth. Specifically, true sound. Is what you’re hearing an accurate representation of what you’re mixing? Is there really that much bottom end? Will the mids sound that  ...
JBL 308P MKII 3 Series 8" 2-Way Powered Studio Monitor

From  $249.00$249.00
12 Payments of $50.00
Featuring accuracy and increased depth, the 308P MKII monitor provides maximum clarity with a wide sweet spot that allows you to fine tune your mix. Mixing music is all about the truth, the 308P MKII monitor  ...
JBL LSR310S 10 Inch 200 Watt Powered Studio Subwoofer

From  $399.00$399.00
8 Payments of $49.88
Extend your system LF all the way down! The LSR310S subwoofer incorporates JBL’s patented Slip Stream Port working in concert with a custom 10 inch down-firing driver and a 200 Watt amplifier to add  ...
JBL Bags SRX828SPCVRDLX Padded Cover for SRX828SP

From  $199.99$199.99
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Deluxe padded cover for SRX828SP is water resistant and features a black nylon exterior. It has a 2.5mm polyethylene grille protector, 10mm padding, covered handle access with Velcro closure, and embroidered JBL  ...
JBL Bags PRX818XLFW-CVR Deluxe Padded Protective Cover for PRX818XLFW

From  $104.99$104.99
3 Payments of $35.00
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Your PRX818XLFW subwoofer keeps the party going so you should keep it looking like new with this deluxe padded cover for PRX818XLFW. Black exterior with printed JBL Professional logo. JBL Bags  ...
JBL POLE GA Gas Assist Adjustable Speaker Pole

From  $109.00$109.00
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The JBL gas assist height adjustable speaker pole is made to easily set up your JBL subs and tops for a clean, professional look. The JBLPOLE-GA is the easiest speaker stand to use thanks to the internal  ...