Kickport Bass Drums

Played by more than 100,000 drummers worldwide- including Dennis Chambers, Kenny Aronoff, Aaron Spears, Ray Luzier, Alex Gonzalez, Teddy Campbell, Didi Negron, Stephen Perkins and many of today's top players- KickPort's drum sound enhancers are scientifically engineered to improve the sound of virtually any drumset. The Original KickPort adds depth and clarity to the bass drum without the need for heavy muffling while the new FX Ports do the same for snare drums and tom-toms. In addition, the KickPort/FX Bass Drum System provides a quick, effective and affordable way to acoustically EQ bass drums in any live or studio situation.
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  • The KickPort Drum Insert is Made For Drummers, By Drummers. This insert provides exactly what you want from your kick drum, more punch, more bass and less ring. Based on the design of a subwoofer, the ...
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  • KickPort’s D-Pad bass drum impact pad features a unique, kiss-cut, figure-eight design that allows it to be used for double pedals or separated into two individual pads for single and double bass drum situations. ...
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  • The KickPort T-Ring has an outer diameter of 7.25 inch and an inner, port diameter of 5.25 inch. In addition to acting as a reinforcement that will prevent vented bass drum heads from tearing and splitting around ...
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