Lewitt Audio

LEWITT AUDIO pursues new, progressive microphone designs driven by the urge for innovation. An integral part of the design process is to involve producers, sound engineers, and musicians with their practice approach. As a result, these microphones have innovative features that further improve their performance. High-end circuit designs and precision-engineered capsules deliver authentic and vibrant sound that allows the essence of every studio and stage performance to be captured without technical limitations. In this respect, it is no surprise that LEWITT AUDIO has established itself as the go-to microphone brand for an ever-growing number of professionals around the globe.
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  • The LCT 50 PSX is an efficient magnetic pop filter that will effectively reduce pops and hisses. Compatible with LCT 40 SHx, LCT 40 SHW, LCT 40 SH. ...
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  • The LCT 40 SH is a must have shock mount designed for the LCT-240 studio microphone! Attenuates noise, shock and vibration transmitted through mic stands, booms and mounts. Quick-acting screw thread closure ...
    Price: $69.99
    Save: $30.00 (43%)
    $39.99      $39.99
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