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Built on decades worth of playing experience in the studio and on the stage, Denmark-based Lunastone Pedals is all about bringing you the perfect tone, most specifically the sound of one of the most important voices in any guitar setup - the overdrive! Lunastone pedal designs started from scratch, carefully deconstructing components to their base elements and then experimenting. Stepping away from many of the more traditional diode-clipping blueprints (chopping off the 'peaks' of a signal like a limiter, but with accentuated lower-volume sounds), Lunastone's TrueOverDrive pedals bring cascaded gain-stages and true bypass to create a sound worthy of the best tube amp overdriven distortion!
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  • If you are yearning for a classic overdrive voicing reminiscent of the ‘60s and ’70, the Wise Guy is the pedal for you. There is tons of midrange, much like a Tube Screamer, but with more bluesy gain. ...
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