MESA Boogie Amps

'Man, that little thing really boogies!' A young Carlos Santana may have not known it then, but after playing a modified prototype amp by Mesa/Boogie founder Randall Smith those prophetic words would end up introducing everyone to a new world of high-gain guitar sound. For over fifty years, the engineers, makers, and tonal historians at Mesa/Boogie have been building amplifiers by hand and creating tone machines for legions of musicians. Credited by many as the first boutique amplifier company, Mesa/Boogie got their start by realizing the potential of electric guitar and then giving it a vehicle to really power up and make its presence known. The remarkable quality of the legendary MARK I Boogie®, that original high-powered, compact 1x12' guitar amp, will be forever tied to their newest lineup of guitar amp heads, combos, speaker cabinets, and bass amps!