Neutrik NA4LJX Speakon to 1/4 Inch Female Adapter

From  $8.95$8.95
Keep Your 1/4' Cables! This clever adapter lets you connect to any power amp or speaker cabinet that has a Speakon jack, without cutting off the ends of your 1/4' cables to rewire them. Simply slip the 1/4' end  ...
Neutrik NL4FX 4pole Speakon

Neutrik NL4FX 4pole Speakon

  5 out of 5 stars

From  $7.95$7.95
The Neutrik NL4FX is the industry standard for speaker connections because of the extreme reliability and robust cable connections. This is a 4 pole cable connector with chuck type strain relief and a dark grey  ...
Neutrik NCFXXB XLRF Connector with Gold Contacts

From  $4.95$4.95
The reliable NC3FXX is a 3 pole female cable connector with black metal housing which is an industry standard. Easy to assemble, the NC3FXX connector has improved contact intregrity as well as cable strain relief.  ...
Neutrik NC3FXX XLRF Cable Connector

From  $4.95$4.95
The NC3FXX is a 3 pole female cable connector with nickel housing and silver contacts . Use high quality connectors when you are making your own microphone cables with the NC3FXX connector. Plus it is a great  ...
Neutrik NYS236 1/4 Inch TS Female to Female Mono Coupler

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2 conductor 1/4' female to female  ...
Neutrik NYS224 1/4 Inch Male Plug

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1/4 Inch plug, 2-Conductor, long turned brass handle, no  ...