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  • Featuring an ebony fingerboard, the big powerful sounding Stingray5 HH has improved playability with a sound that is remarkably unmistakable. The Music Man StingRay took the bass world by storm in its debut in ...
    Rating   5.0 out of 5 stars. 3 ratings.
    $2,699.00      $2,699.00
    12 Payments of $224.92
  • The gorgeous JP15 quilt top is the first John Petrucci production model to feature a roasted maple fretboard and roasted maple top. The African mahogany body features a satin finish and a pair of DiMarzio ...
    Rating   5.0 out of 5 stars. 1 rating.
    $3,799.00      $3,799.00
    12 Payments of $250.00 plus 799.00 down
  • Revamped with custom Music Man electronics, the latest evolution of Steve Lukather’s signature guitar features an alder body with a figured roasted maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. The HSS model is ...
    Rating   4.5 out of 5 stars. 2 ratings.
    $2,999.00      $2,999.00
    12 Payments of $249.92
  • The Mariposa features an offset lightweight okoume body, a roasted maple neck, and an ebony fingerboard that showcases pearlescent style block inlays. Electronics include two custom wound EBMM humbucking pickups ...
    $3,099.00      $3,099.00
    12 Payments of $250.00 plus 99.00 down
  • The StingRay5 HH with maple fingerboard produces that big powerful iconic sound with improved playability. The look, feel and sound that is remarkably unmistakable, the Music Man StingRay took the bass world by ...
    Rating   5.0 out of 5 stars. 2 ratings.
    $2,599.00      $2,599.00
    12 Payments of $216.59
  • The 2021 Ernie Ball Music Man “Hydrospace” Majesty guitar showcases an enlarged carved quilt top over alder back and sides with a matching flame maple headstock. Unique to the Blue Dream edition is ...
    $5,499.00      $5,499.00
    12 Payments of $250.00 plus 2,499.00 down
  • The Ernie Ball Music Man Sabre 'Half Baked' BFR guitar features a Black limba body, thick 3/8' maple top, and custom Music Man humbucking pickups, delivering a big dynamic sound with plenty of sustain. The Sabre's ...
    $3,699.00      $3,699.00
    12 Payments of $250.00 plus 699.00 down
  • The BFR Majesty guitar features a mahogany neck-through design with larger spalted maple top set atop a carbon charcoal blue or Jester Red finished mahogany back and sides. The Majesty's ebony fretboard is adorned ...
    $4,999.00      $4,999.00
    12 Payments of $250.00 plus 1,999.00 down