When the electronic music revolution began, Oberheim was there to help usher in exciting new advances. Today, the famed Oberheim sound is ready for a new generation of instruments and artists! Now, just as then, the company is guided by the vision of engineer and inventor Tom Oberheim. There are numerous music innovations already tied to their name - the TVS-1, the world's first commercially available polyphonic synth, and the legendary OB-X with its approach to printed circuit technology are just a sampling of what they contributed to the music world. With their own research and development, plus collaborative efforts alongside the Focusrite group and fellow renowned synth maker Sequential, Oberheim is once again working to provide the world with some of the finest-sounding analog synthesizers ever made!
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  • OBX8 Desktop Analog Synthesizer – a compact, state-of-the-art piece of technology with the classic Oberheim tone. This top-tier synthesizer packs all the unique tones and features that Oberheim has ...
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  • The OB-X8 is the most faithful, authoritative renewal of an analog classic possible — with all of the warmth, subtlety, and presence of the originals. The OB-X8 is engineered to be the best modern OB ever ...
    $4,999.99      $4,999.99
    12 Payments of $250.00 plus 1,999.99 down.
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  • The Oberheim Legacy is Yours: Enter TEO-5 Thomas Elroy Oberheim. TEO. More than his initials, they mark the culmination of a synth pioneer's vision. TEO-5 is a modern instrument, crafted with classic analog ...
    $1,499.99      $1,499.99
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