For generations, rhythm instruments have served as the important foundation of music everywhere! American Musical Supply carries the percussion instruments that are used by people around the world in every culture. We always stock the top-selling congas, bongos, djembes, and cajons - hand drums that will open up and transform your rhythm experience! Go beyond the standard snare drum, tom, bass drum, and cymbal setup - the potential of your drum set goes even further when you add wind chimes, timbale drums, and mounting hardware for percussive sounds such as cowbells and woodblocks. Rhythmic percussion is an absolute must for any type of music and the extra elements of shakers, tambourines, cowbells, and wood blocks will truly bring your live performances and studio recording projects alive!

Toca 2300 Synergy Wood Conga Set With Stand

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Toca Synergy Congas with black powder coated hardware are attractive and affordable. A sturdy double stand is included for standing play, getting the drums up off the floor to allow their resonance and tone to   ...
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Latin Percussion is proud to introduce the new LP601NY City Wood Bongos. LP City Series Bongos include 6 inches and 7 inches diameter rawhide heads. City Series Bongos are appointed with black powder-coated   ...
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The Gon Bops Alex Acuna Special Edition Cajon is Gon Bops’ most popular selling product, bar none! 'This gorgeous instrument is also one of the best-sounding cajons available anywhere. Its deep, resonant   ...
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Remo Djembe Drums are the most popular of all of their World Percussion instruments. Key-tuned Remo djembes are as widely used by touring professionals as they are in drum circles. The high slaps and deep bass   ...
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The Toca Curved Digeridoo offers a deep, sonorous tonality, authentic and colorful appearance, and ultra-durable construction. The Curved Digeridoo is tuned to the key of D which results   ...
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The Latin Percussion Merengue Guiro is one of the driving rhythmic forces in a Merengue band. Made from stainless-steel the Merengue Guiro features a hollow, open-ended design with a tightly textured surface   ...
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Here's a great and affordable place to begin learning the magic of timbale playing, whether used traditionally or as an addition to a drum kit. This set has 13' and 14' diameter, 6-1/2' deep shells that provide a   ...
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The Remo Econo Tambourine features two rows of jingles and a pre-tuned Mylar T head. Take this tambourine anywhere - the synthetic head and ACOUSTICON frame will play well indoors and out. The thumbhole in the   ...
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Perfectly weighted for a controlled sound, the Latin Percussion LP 446 Session Shaker has molded end caps for a solid feel. Choose the 5' small or 9' large session shaker for an easy-to-hold grip with a controlled   ...
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The Latin Percussion LP 281 Pro Maracas are the most imitated maracas around. They are offered in matched pairs of one high pitch and one low pitch. This variation in pitch is the way maracas were historically   ...
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The Pearl PCB1030 Primero Rock Cowbell is not just another cowbell. Can you ever have enough cowbells? Mount the Primero Rock anywhere for instant percussion. The Primero cowbell offers the benefits and   ...
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The Latin Percussion LP 234A Afuche Cabasa was designed to create rhythmic scraping sounds and patterns. The beads can be manipulated against the textured steel or the instrument can be spun or shaken for varying   ...
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A 5000 Series specialty pedal for today's most demanding players, the DW Cajon Pedal is an externally-mounted unit that's compatible with virtually every cajon model in the industry. Employing DW's   ...
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The LP Aspire LPA165 Traditional Claves are exceptionally resonant with variable sound qualities. Clave is the rhythmic pattern that forms the basis of Latin music. Clave is phrased in what is known as a 3/2   ...
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Latin Percussion Jam Blocks are the modern versions of the age old wood blocks. Traditional wood blocks were fragile and could not stand up to the rigors of aggressive touring. Crafted from LP's exclusive   ...
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The BSK2500 is perfect for both practicing professionals and aspiring students. The BSK2500 features 32, 2.5 octave bells on a sturdy and portable stand, and comes complete with double-sided mallets -- one   ...
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A perfect add-on accessory for any drum kit or percussion setup. This inclusive set has the LP Cyclops City Tambourine which has nickel-plated steel alloy jingles that produce a bright, projecting sound with   ...
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