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    Power Conditioners

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    • Ebtech HUM X Hum Eliminator
      The Ebtech HUM X Hum Eliminator outs unwanted voltage and current in the ground line that cause ground loop hum while simultaneously maintaining a solid, safe ground. You no longer have to run ...
      Rating   redstarredstarredstarredstar
      Dent and Scratch
      Price: $158.00
      Save: $98.05 (62%)
      $59.95      $59.95
    • Furman PST8D Power Station Series 8 Outlet Surge Suppressor
      Feed your audio and video equipment clean, filtered AC power with the Furman PST-8 D Power Station Series Power Conditioner ! Furman’s SMP circuit which incorporates Linear Filtering ...
      Non-Factory Sealed
      Price: $199.95
      Save: $60.00 (30%)
      $139.95      $139.95
      4 Payments of $34.99
    • Furman P1800PFR Power Factor Rack Power Conditioner Surge Suppressor
      The Furman P1800 PF Power Factor Power Conditioner gives your gear clean power and the purest signal! The Furman P1800 PF features Power Factor Technology with 45 amps peak current reservoir. The ...
      Non-Factory Sealed
      Price: $799.95
      Save: $350.00 (44%)
      $449.95      $449.95
    • Furman M8XAR Merit X Series Voltage Regulator And Power Conditioner
      The Furman M-8x AR Voltage Regulator is intended to protect sensitive electronic equipment from problems caused by AC line voltage irregularities such as brownouts, sags, and over-voltage conditions. Such ...
      Dent and Scratch
      Price: $599.00
      Save: $199.05 (33%)
      $399.95      $399.95