Puresound Percussion

Today, Puresound snare wires feature the highest quality craftsmanship and components and are available in a wide choice of models to fit a wide variety of modern and vintage drumset, concert and marching snare drum - providing the tone, range, sensitivity and durability that have established Puresound as the world's leading snare wire specialist.
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  • Puresound Blasters Series Snare Wires are professional quality and developed for high volume, high intensity drumming. They offer specially formulated, premium-grade steel-alloy wires on angled, copper-colored end ...
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  • Designed for snare drums, the Blaster Series 10' by 16 strand snare wires feature strands of medium-gauge wire, allowing for an increased snare presence. Puresound Blasters Snare Wires Features ...
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