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Rolls specializes in small, portable, and powerful stage boxes and rackmount units that are designed to manage your audio signals and add levels of flexibility and convenience to both your live and recording setups. With Rolls products in your toolkit, you'll be prepared for any engineering surprises that might pop up - which if you're a performer, can happen when you're least expecting it. Color and boost your mic signals with their microphone preamps. Power up your condenser microphones with their phantom power supplies. Rolls headphone amps and monitoring stations make sure your mix is clear and comfortable for anyone who needs it, while their microphone splitters and combiners can guide your signal to multiple sources or bring signals together to help save input space on a main mixing console. Rolls also offers a collection of mini mixers, direct boxes, and other signal processors that can help guide and customize your audio configuration. Join the many musicians, producers, and engineers that use Rolls gear every single day!
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  • The PA555 is a tube pre-amp that uses one 12AX7 tube running at 150 volts. It has four switchable inputs. The input signal is connected directly to the grid of the tube and all of the gain of the PA555 is from the ...
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