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Convinced that performers needed to be untied from their amps and free to roam the stage, Samson designed the first handheld and guitar wireless systems over thirty-five years ago and continues to lead the way in wireless design and innovation. Samson was first with Airline Series Micro wireless technology that replaced bulky beltpacks and wires with integrated headsets and transmitters for truly wireless mobility. Samson was first with USB powered wireless receivers, for fast and easy connection to portable sound systems and computers, but the future of wireless is again being launched by Samson with the introduction of the new Samson Go Mic Mobile that integrates professional wireless audio with smartphone video for on-the-go audio-video anywhere.
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The Airline Micro Earset is Samson's smallest wireless system, but also their most comfortable, reliable and versatile system ever. The AirLine Micro Earset Wireless System is a breakthrough that utilizes the   ...
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When you need multiple handheld wireless systems, the Stage 412 is your solution! The Samson Stage 412 is a frequency-agile, quad-channel wireless microphone system with four handheld dynamic microphones that   ...
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The Samson Concert 88 Presentation Lavalier UHF Wireless System is designed for business professionals, educators and others looking for stunning sound and reliable, hands-free performance! The Concert 88 system   ...
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Providing wireless freedom to guitarists, bassists and other stringed instrumentalists, the Samson Concert 99 Guitar system has a simple 1-touch setup. Combining 80 channels of high-definition audio and extreme   ...
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Samson takes the worry out of wireless with the Concert 288 All-In-One Wireless System. Offering easy setup, flawless operation and premium sound, it's the ideal high-performance UHF wireless solution for vocal   ...
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Flawless performance and optimal performance! The Samson AWX Wind Instrument system offers true wireless freedom featuring the world's smallest clip-on transmitter with a shock mounted microphone and adjustable   ...
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With the PA1 antennas you will hear every note and vowel by improving your wireless reception. Samson's PA1 Active Unidirectional Antennas are log-periodic dipole array (LPDA) antennas that are designed to improve   ...