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A show-stopping blend of style and substance, Supro electric guitars provide every element of a true 1950s and 1960s guitar experience! The Americana Series incorporates a uniquely constructed chambered mahogany body and molded top combo drawn from the vintage Supro "reso-glass" instruments. The Island Series are equipped with a timeless solidbody design and throwback Gold Foil pickups with an extra-wide magnetic field and huge, broadband tone. With a Supro guitar, you're getting a comfortable, highly playable, stylish instrument that fits any performance situation!
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  • The Supro White Holiday is acoustically loud—and this voice translates through the bridge-mounted piezo pickup, which can be used independently or blended with the magnetic Vistatone pickup. Our semi-hollow ...
    Price: $1,329.00
    Save: $669.05 (50%)
    $659.95      $659.95
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  • The semi-hollow Martinique Deluxe is a combination of an Acousti-glass top and mahogany body. The Martinique Deluxe retains the unique sonic characteristics of the original piezo-equipped Supro Martinique guitar ...
    Price: $1,729.00
    Save: $729.01 (42%)
    $808.95 - $999.99
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  • A 21st-century update of the Supro electric solid-body guitar, the Hampton features the elegant comfort of the 1960’s-era beveled-edge Ozark body shape. In addition, the mighty sound of the original ...
    Rating   5 out of 5 stars. 2 ratings.
    Price: $1,469.00
    Save: $726.05 (49%)
    $742.95      $742.95
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