A pioneer in both professional and home recording technology for over 40 years, TASCAM continues to offer a wide range of innovative audio tools for musicians, sounds designers and engineers. Committed to providing complete solutions, TASCAM has dedicated decades of research and development into the design and manufacture of handheld digital recorders, Digital Portastudios, USB audio interfaces, studio microphones and monitor speakers. The result is a truly state-of-the-art collection of audio tools designed to fit the needs of artists and engineers alike. Get inspired. Get TASCAM.
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The CD-RW900MKII is a professional CD recorder that replaces the best-selling CD-RW900SL. A new TEAC tray-loading transport ensures years of reliable operation in the most demanding installations. The new   ...
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The TASCAM DP-32SD Digital Portastudio records an unmatched 32 tracks to solid-state media. Up to eight tracks can be recorded at a time through its combination XLR and 1/4 inch combo jacks. Input processing like   ...
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TASCAM TF-2X2 Trackpack 2x2 Recording Package USB 2 With Software

Includes Computer with Windows 10, Audio Interface, Mic + Headphones Bundle!
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Plug in and record with the TASCAM Track Factory complete PC audio recording system. Easily work on a session with friends and fellow musicians to record, edit and mix pro audio for music, film and TV. A complete,   ...
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TASCAM designed the TM-AR1 acoustic room filter with flexibility and quality as the top priorities. Designed to minimize reflections and unwanted room ambience, the TASCAM TM-AR1 helps to manage what your   ...
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Cadioid Condenser Microphone for a Pro Vocal Sound A cardioid condenser mic is the perfect all-around mic for vocal and instrument recording, and the unidirectional pickup pattern keeps the recording from   ...
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