Taylor Body Shapes

Taylor Body Shapes
Bob Taylor designed each unique Taylor body shape with a specific playing style in mind. From the hand-strumming Grand Symphony to the articulate fingerstyle of the Grand Concert and the all-purpose Grand Auditorium, each body style provides a unique experience while maintaining Taylor's signature balanced tone and unmatched playability.
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Taylor has been on the forefront of crafting incredible guitars with Hawaiian Koa for years, and the 224ce Deluxe Koa is no exception! This guitar features a Grand Auditorium body shape crafted with Hawaiian Koa   ...
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The 756ce 12-string rings out with a level of clarity and balance that defines the Taylor sound. This 12-string unleashes a remarkably rich voice thanks to rosewood’s sweeping tonal range and natural   ...
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The Taylor 712ce guitar offers a very tasteful blend of both vintage and modern looks, tone and appointments. With a small-body Grand Concert shape, the Taylor 712ce acoustic electric has a comfortable, compact   ...
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Guitarist love the three upgraded features of the 810e-DLX which are a newly designed radius-style armrest in maple with rosewood top edge trim, Adirondack spruce bracing, and chrome Gotoh tuners. Dreadnought   ...