Taylor Grand Concert

Taylor Grand Concert
Grand Concert GC
Taylor's grand concert body shape is a small bodied guitar that is easy to handle. Its compact size make this the ideal guitar for fingerstyle guitar players. It is very balanced in tone and performs well on both stage and studio. Taylor first introduced this body shape in 1984 and has been a popular model since then. You will find these bodies with both 12 and 14 fret versions. The difference between the two is where the neck attaches to the body.
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  • The 812ce 12-fret Deluxe features all the voicing enhancements and aesthetic refinements of Taylor’s standard rosewood/spruce 800 Series, with three upgraded features: a newly designed radius-style armrest ...
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  • Taylor’s Grand Concert 12-strings reaffirm Taylor’s heritage of easy-playing double course instruments thanks to a lap-friendly body size, a 12-fret neck, and a 24-7/8-inch scale length. The slinky ...
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