Tsakalis Audio Works

Tsakalis Audio Works
When you make hand-built effects pedals, music is an inspiration and a passion. Tsakalis Audio Works operates under a simple, yet powerful mission: Create simple, easy-to-use pedals that open up lots of tonal options for players without getting in the way. Tsakalis Audio believes in selecting the right quality components for the job and in conducting thorough research, as well as fostering collaboration with music communities large and small. From their headquarters in Athens, Greece, they share a wide range of effects pedals with the world that are a true testament to both expertise and creativity. Bring out the sounds that live in your head with Tsakalis Audio gear - they live and breathe tone!
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  • Designed to mimic a variety of British School amps, the Crown British style overdrive is a great addition to any pedalboard setup. From Plexi and AC to rich and fully detailed JCM overdrive tones. Ideal for ...
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