Tula Microphones

Tula Microphones
It's a USB Microphone! It's a portable digital recorder! It's the Tula Microphone! The battery-powered Tula is an extremely versatile device for musicians, podcasters, Youtubers, streamers, and corporate professionals alike. The design is a beautiful modern take on a retro look, and it rests comfortably on any desk or in the palm of your hand. With its ultra-fast USB-C connection, two built-in mic capsules, (cardioid and omnidirectional) and a 3.5mm jack that serves as both a headphone output and an input for a small clip-on lavalier mic, you have the capability to showcase high-quality audio in a variety of ways without needing an entire studio's worth of gear. Switching over and using the Tula as a portable recorder is easy - select your mic source, hit record, and you are good to go! The bright LED Gain Meter and easy-access Gain Controls help you dial in the exact sound levels you need, and the 8GB of internal memory means that the Tula can store hours and hours of audio!
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  • An excellent replacement for your Tula microphone. The TL-STD-023 replacement stand provides stability for high quality recordings. ...
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