Two notes Audio Engineering

Two Notes Audio Engineering
Two notes Audio Engineering builds devices that are centered around maximizing the power of your guitar or bass signal chain, giving you a platform to expand your sound. Launched in 2008, Two notes offers a wide selection of vibrant preamp pedals that power up your instrument rig while adding subtle, yet vital, coloring to your tone. They also build hardware boxes that act as a jack-of-all-trades solution for your playing needs, offering various combinations of load box, virtual speaker cabinet library, attenuator, DI box, MIDI controller, and more all into one unit. Two notes gear can be used in a variety of situations - in front of your amp or PA output, into your digital audio workstation (DAW) for recording, and as a practice tool for experimenting with new sounds.
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  • The Torpedo Captor X from Two notes is a compact and portable reactive load box, amp attenuator, mic’ed cab simulator, IR loader, and stereo expander, which gives you unprecedented control over your ...
    Rating   5.0 out of 5 stars. 32 ratings.
    Price: $714.99
    Save: $115.00 (16%)
    $599.99      $599.99
    12 Payments of $50.00
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  • The Two notes Torpedo Captor is an easy-to-use reactive Loadbox, perfect for unleashing your favorite tube amp in a variety of modern applications and venues. Designed to be placed between your amp head and ...
    Rating   5.0 out of 5 stars. 9 ratings.
    Price: $349.99
    Save: $80.00 (23%)
    $269.99      $269.99
    6 Payments of $45.00
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  • ReVolt Guitar, a forward-thinking all-analog 3-channel preamp primed to serve as the beating-heart of your rig. The latest-iteration of Two notes’ critically- acclaimed preamp solutions has been engineered ...
    Rating   5.0 out of 5 stars. 3 ratings.
    Price: $499.00
    Save: $99.01 (20%)
    $359.95 - $399.99
    From  $359.95      $359.95
    8 Payments of $45.00
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  • Introducing the Two Notes Opus, the epitome of sonic perfection for all you electrifying guitarists out there! Get ready to unleash your musical genius and take your guitar playing to glorious new heights with this ...
    Price: $339.99
    Save: $40.00 (12%)
    $254.95 - $299.99
    From  $254.95      $254.95
    8 Payments of $37.50
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  • The Triple Threat! Two notes’ gets it: Your Tone Matters. Why settle for anything short of perfection! The bass: It’s the bedrock of any performance, demanding nothing short of tonal excellence. ...
    Price: $499.00
    Save: $99.01 (20%)
    $399.99      $399.99
    8 Payments of $50.00
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