The world of guitar tone and the sound of popular music owe a definite debt of gratitude to Vox amplifiers and effects. When the Beatles made their landmark journey to the United States for the first time in 1964, Vox accompanied them every step of the way. In addition to John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison, some of the biggest names of the British Invasion, including the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, and the Yardbirds among many others turned to Vox for the sound that defined a generation and drastically changed the musical landscape. From those iconic, classic tones to their new, forward-thinking technology, Vox remains the choice for many of today's musicians throughout the world when it comes to amps, effects, and accessories for guitar and bass.
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The Vox AC15C1 Custom guitar combo amp offers maximum tonal dexterity to countless guitar players around the world. Featuring a single 12 inch Celestion G12M Greenback speaker that is driven by 15 watts of power,   ...
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Dedicated bass modeling and an expression pedal, the StompLab IIB pedals packs powerful sounds for the bassist . Sound variations are categorized by style, such as rock, blues, and ballad, making it easy for even   ...
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Killer throwback looks and classic Vox tone in a compact design! The Vox Mini SuperBeetle features new analog NuTube circuitry for authentic tube tone and comes complete with iconic chrome stand and   ...
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Designed to complement the new AC15CH and AC30CH heads, the V212C delivers the classic VOX sound through two trusty Celestion G12M Greenback speakers. The V212C is also a great addition to the AC30 Custom combo   ...
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The Vox Continental 61 has a wealth of stage-ready sounds plus semi-weighted waterfall keys for a natural feel with excellent playability. With approximately 10 GB of high-capacity memory, the Vox Continental has   ...
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Offering the easiest way to enjoy true analog amplifier sound in your headphones, the amPlug series has been a bestseller since it first appeared in 2007. With amPlug G2, the crucial analog circuit has been   ...
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