Warwick GPS Corvette Double Buck 5-String Bass Guitar with Gig Bag

From  $2,199.99$2,199.99
12 Payments of $183.34
The Warwick Corvette Double Buck is a well-rounded, super versatile German Made - Electric Bass Guitar. This bass is well suited for all styles of music for the seasoned Bass Player. Featuring two passive MEC  ...
Warwick Rockbass Corvette Double Buck 5 Bass Guitar

From  $1,099.99$1,099.99
12 Payments of $91.67
The Warwick RockBass Corvette Double Buck 5 delivers plenty of that low growl for which Warwick basses are famous. The Just-A-Nut III is an innovation introduced by Warwick in 2007 to give players an easy way to  ...
Warwick GPS Corvette 4 Bass Ash Satin Natural Exclusive with Bag

From  $1,445.00$1,445.00
12 Payments of $120.42
Swamp Ash is a tonewood preferred by countless bassists thanks to its powerful and clear sonic properties! The Warwick German-made Pro Series Corvette features remarkable craftsmanship and a sound and feel that  ...
Warwick BC80 12 Inch Bass Combo Amplifier 80 Watts

From  $254.95$254.95
8 Payments of $37.50
Featuring a 12' Warwick Custom Speaker, the BC80 is a full frequency amp that could be used for virtually any electric instrument. However the BC80 is especifically tuned to the unique needs of Electric and  ...
Warwick LWA500 500 Watt Bass Amplifier Head

From  $599.99$599.99
12 Payments of $50.00
Producing a warm huge distortion free sound you desire without disturbing noise, the LWA500 amp is configured to produce 250 watts at 8 ohms and 500 watts at 4 ohms and only weighs 2.42 pounds. The preamp is based  ...
Warwick BC40 10 Inch Bass Combo Amplifier 40 Watts

From  $199.95$199.95
3 Payments of $66.65
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Specifically tuned to the unique needs of Electric and Upright Bassists, the Warwick BC40 is a compact bass amplifier like nothing you have seen or heard before. This amp is full frequency amp, with extended  ...