Xotic California

What originally started twenty years ago as a one-man operation in a garage located in the San Fernando Valley of South California has grown into Xotic, one of the most in-demand builders of electric guitars and effects pedals. Their team possesses a level of expertise and skill that stands alongside the biggest names in the guitar world. Xotic effects are found on pedalboards throughout the world and are the choice of professional guitarists who love kicking their signal chains up a notch. When Xotic builds an electric guitar, they are guided by the pursuit of tone and important touches of quality. That means extra time spent during the build process and most importantly, extra time making absolute sure that your instrument exceeds expectations in today's modern environments. Xotic sets a precedent to use thoroughly tested premium components, focus on extraordinary durability and provide artistically satisfying sounds. They continue to design and manufacture the newest gear in their production shop in Van Nuys, California.