Arturia MatrixBrute Noir Edition Analog Matrix Synthesizer

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A limited edition masterpiece with only 500 units being made, this is both a powerful synth and a collectible piece for any studio or synth enthusiast! The most powerful analog monophonic synthesizer is back with a sophisticated look radiating pure power. MatrixBrute Noir Edition carries the legacy of rich synthesis from the MatrixBrute into a new, bold limited edition design that emanates deep beauty as well as attitude. Its cultivated, polished, and elegant design is an extension of those who create with grace, complexity, and deep inspiration.

MatrixBrute Noir Edition stands for pure sound invention thanks to its hands-on synthesis. Leaving behind endless menus and tiny screens and only keeping immaculate sonic crafting straight from the musician’s core. This state-of-the-art synth was birthed to satisfy the demands of artists who appreciate power, beauty, and ultimate control over their sound. A central piece of gear with a robust presence in any studio. Step into the rabbit-hole of your darkest fantasies and spiral into the noir wonderland this beast cracks open.

Arturia MatrixBrute Noir Edition Analog Matrix Synthesizer Features
  • Sleek Black Edition of the MatrixBrute
  • Pure analog sound: linear VCO & LFO, saw, square, triangle, sine, LFO time divisions, and key tracking
  • 49 full sized keys with velocity and aftertouch
  • Intuitive sound shaping: UltraSaw, Pulse Width, Metalizer, and Sub VCOs can supercharge your tone
  • Noise generator with white, pink, blue, and red noise
  • 3 unique envelope generators
  • Plays nice with others: MatrixBrute features a 5 input audio mixer with filter routing, and awesome connectivity including 12 CV/Gate ins and outs
  • Climb the ladder: multi-mode Steiner-Parker and Ladder filters, able to be used solo, or together in series or parallel
  • Brute factor: add a little controlled insanity to your sound
  • Arpeggiator and 64 step-sequencer
  • Analog effects section, including delays, flanger, chorus, and reverb
  • Included Software: Arturia MIDI Control Center
With the new paint job, the new knob caps, and the black ionized parts, this piece of luxurious beauty is here to slay and be remembered.

Create immortal sounds and savor 64 additional presets. With an expanded sonic palette of 320 presets in total, the musical composition produced with this synth can only lead to extraordinary and sublime results. With a light firmware update, sound design in MatrixBrute Noir is as intuitive and potent as ever.

Only 500 units of this classic instrument will be manufactured, making this a true collectible with exceptional aesthetics.

The modular synth setup combined with a matrix, the heart of this gear, allows for complex modulation routing, step-sequencing and instant preset recall. Its 100% analog audio signal path and true analog effects empowers sound designers and artists to have direct connection to their sound. Together with an impressive arpeggiator and sequencer, evolve your melodies and textures in visionary ways.
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