Blackstar AMPED3 3-Channel Floorboard Amp 100 watt

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The AMPED 3 is a professional 100-Watt multi-channel guitar amp in a compact pedal. Features 6 amp voices, three channels and 3 power amp responses.
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The Blackstar AMPED 3 floorboard amplifier is designed for professional use. The AMPED 3 is a 100-Watt multi-channel guitar amp is a powerhouse packed into one small footstep, making it perfect for both studio and stage performances. The power-packed tones from this deluxe amplifier don't sacrifice much - if any - of your tone no matter what volume level you require. Featuring 6 amp voices across 3 channels, 3 power amp responses, and USB C connectivity, you won't be disappointed. You can even reduce the power down to 1 Watt if desired! Make sure your sound stands out loud and proud with Blackstar AMPED 3 3-Channel Floorboard Amplifier.


The AMPED 3 has two modes: ‘Patch’ mode and ‘Manual’ mode. By default, the AMPED 3 will be in Patch mode. The mode can be changed by holding the Boost footswitch for 2 seconds. The default start-up mode can be configured using Blackstar’s Architect software.

In Patch mode, the Channel LEDs will be white, orange and red for Clean, Crunch and Overdrive respectively. In Manual mode, all Channel LEDs will be white and the Recall Indicator in the top left of the front panel will stay illuminated.

Patch mode allows a patch to be saved to each Channel and instantly recalled by stomping on the appropriate Channel footswitch. Patches can be saved by holding down the footswitch of the active Channel until the Recall and Channel LEDs flash. All front panel controls, except for Master and Power, will be saved in a patch. Active patches can be edited, but control settings (except toggle switches) must be recalled before they can be altered. When the saved setting for a control is reached, the Recall Indicator will flash and the control can then be adjusted.

In Manual mode, what you see is what you get. The sound of the amplifier is affected by the physical position of the controls at all times.

Clean Channel:

    Clean Warm:

    The gain structure and sonics of this voice have been inspired by classic American amplifiers of the mid ’60s (Fender ‘black-face’). It is very clean and bright but with a solid low-end and controlled mids. Also, on this voice the power valve responses are set to be tight and relatively clean and linear across the frequency range. This is one of the most popular choices for a ‘pedal platform’ as it provides a solid clean foundation to apply effects to.

    Clean Bright:

    The Clean Bright voice emulates a ‘classic’ valve/tube preamp topology based on a much loved British ‘class A’ amplifier of the early ’60s (Vox AC-30 Top Boost). This is a low to medium gain preamp that can be used clean, warm or mildly overdriven. This voice also features a hybrid MIDDLE control; below halfway the MIDDLE control will interact with the BASS and TREBLE controls, as per a typical tone stack, but above halfway the MIDDLE control will transition into an active mid boost. Again, this is a very popular choice for a ‘pedal platform’ as well as for a great, responsive crunch tone.

Crunch Channel:


    The Crunch voice makes use of the foundations of the Clean Bright voice, pushing the preamp harder with a +10dB clean boost, to take it from ‘chimey’ to ‘creamy’ and beyond. With a more involved ‘tone cut’, the strident top-end introduced by increased preamp saturation is gently smoothed whilst still preserving the ‘glassy’ character.

    Super Crunch:

    This voice is based on Blackstar’s award-winning cascaded valve/tube overdrive circuits and a traditional ‘British style passive tone stack’ (EQ) featured on the 6L6 models of the St. James heads and combos. The voicing features ‘modern’ preamp gain structure, perfect for big chords and crunchy rhythm playing with clear note separation.

Overdrive Channel:


    The OD1 voice is a higher gain variation of the Super Crunch voice. Where the Super Crunch voice is open and crisp, the OD1 voice is focussed and smooth and where Super Crunch is perfect for big chords and crunchy rhythm playing, OD1 is ideal for soaring leads and thick solos.


    The OD2 voice has been entirely re-imagined for AMPED 3. Based on the ‘Holy Grail’ of metal amplifiers known for block lettering and an immense sound (Peavey and EVH 5150s), this voice features a characteristically crushing ’chug’, crystal clear articulation and a refined ‘fizz’. OD2 was crafted for intense, down-tuned riffs and intricate leads.


A cornerstone in many Blackstar amplifiers, including AMPED 3, is the patented Infinite Shape Feature, or ISF control. This technology is exclusive to Blackstar Amplification and is the result of many months of in-depth technical research.

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