About the Author - Malcolm Doak

Malcolm Doak

Bursting out of Connecticut’s late 70s punk scene, Malcolm Doak embraced the 1980s NYC “New-Wave” scene as a performer and as a session synthesist, engineer, producer, and jingle writer. Malcolm used his technical expertise on the retail sales floor at New York and Boston’s finest music stores. In addition, he has done sound design, programming, and tech duties for various artists, including Lou Reed (Songs for Drella) and The Rolling Stones (Steel Wheels Tour). To satisfy his hands-on passion for gear, Malcolm served on the product development teams at Casio, Oberheim, Kawai, and finally at Korg. From his secret 32-track digital lair in Northern Vermont, Malcolm Doak continues to play and perform, and is now a freelance copy writer for Avid, Korg, Air Music Tech, Moog, M-Audio, Akai, and other audio technology clients. Malcolm is an occasional contributor to RECORDING and KEYBOARD magazines.