As one of the world’s best-loved manufacturers of electric guitars and acoustic electric guitars, Fender is best known for creating distinctive models such as the Telecaster and the Stratocaster. Decades after the company was founded in 1946, Fender continues to innovate, constantly tweaking its most successful models, adding new pick-up and signal-handling technologies to improve the sound, and creating unique looks. Here we review some of the top Fender electric guitars and discuss what makes them so special.

Fender American Special Telecaster

Fender’s traditional Telecaster design is recognized and loved by guitarists around the world. Generations of musicians, from Led Zeppelin to the Beatles, have used Fender electric guitars from the Telecaster range to create their own unique sounds.

The Fender American Special Telecaster is packed full of features to give the best possible playing experience for everyone from the novice to the advanced guitarist. Texas Special pick-ups on the neck and bridge transmit the vibrations from the strings to produce the characteristic Telecaster twang. The clear and bright tone produced by the Fender American Special Telecaster is perfect for lead playing, with excellent sustain. Meanwhile, the Greasebucket tone circuit produces warm and smooth highs without adding unwanted bass tones.

The Olympic White model of the American Special Telecaster is a beautiful guitar, with the white-glossed alder body contrasting starkly with the black pickguard. A maple neck inlaid with black indicator dots and 22 jumbo metal frets. The traditional Fender head with the standard six tuning heads finishes off the guitar in style.

This Fender acoustic electric guitar sits comfortably in the hands, with excellent balance. When ordered from American Musical Supply, the Fender American Special Olympic White Telecaster comes with a gig bag that protects against scratches and allows easy transportation.

Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster

Modeled after Yngwie Malmsteen’s famous Fender Strat, this guitar has become a top seller for Fender Guitars. It features aged plastic parts and pick-up covers on the Vintage white body, while the maple neck and large head are styled in the classic 60s shapes.

The Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster has a deep-scalloped fingerboard that allows the fingers to glide over the frets with almost no drag – perfect for blazing solos worthy of Yngwie himself. With fast action and YJM Fury pickups that deliver a searing sound, this is the perfect Fender for shred guitar playing. Leaning on the American Vintage synchronized tremolo bridge creates spine-tingling vibrato effects.

Fender fans can order the Yngwie Malmsteen Fender Stratocaster from and get a vintage tweed case to stylishly protect this beautiful instrument.

Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster Special

The Jazzmaster joins the ranks of Fender’s Classic Player series as an updated version of Fender’s original Jazzmaster guitar model from 1958. Fender has made a number of improvements to this beautiful instrument, adding the latest in pick-up technology, redesigning the bridge, adding a screw-in tremolo arm, and improving the neck pocket to give more stability and better pitch. The tremolo plate has been moved towards the bridge to give the guitarist the option of increased sustain.

The Classic Player Jazzmaster has a smooth, warm sound that can be jazzed up using the floating tremolo with tremolo lock. Two single coil pick-ups work in combination with the dual lead and rhythm circuits to deliver a fat, rich tone.

This guitar not only sounds beautiful, it looks the part too, sporting an alder body with a stunning sunburst finish, and a maple C-shape neck with a rosewood fingerboard inlaid with 21 jumbo frets. Customers ordering the Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster Special get a gig bag to keep their beautiful instrument protected from the elements.