Electro-Voice Buyer’s Guide

Electro-Voice Microphones

Decades of Dynamic Innovation.
When Al Kahn and Lou Burroughs brought a metal lathe to their radio repair shop, they were certain they could build a better microphone. And they did. The two men founded Electro-Voice in 1930; since then, Electro-Voice has continued to lead the industry with popular designs, innovative features, and a world renowned reputation for excellence. The Electro-Voice Variable-D™ technology revolutionized the broadcast microphone by providing a smooth, even response and minimizing tonal shift as the talent moved off axis. Today, American Musical Supply is a leading supplier of wired and wireless Electro-Voice microphones. Take a look at our selection and the mic to satisfy your audio ambition.

ND Series Vocal & Instrument Microphones
Building on the now legendary Electro-Voice N/Dym lineup, the ND Series delivers improved sound quality and enhanced acoustic control. They key is a new large diaphragm capsule design that achieves superior sonic performance. Each of the ND microphones—four vocal mics and four instrument mics—has unique features returning excellent results in specific application, making it simple to choose the correct model to suit your needs. And all ND Series mics incorporate a dynamic neodymium magnet structure for enhanced output and audio response.

ND76 / ND76S

Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Mic
Tuned to allow your vocals to soar above the music, this mic features a shock mounted capsule that minimizes handling noise. The noise-cancelling humbucking coil eliminates interference from speaker cabinets, equipment racks, and amplifiers. The overall sound is crisp, clear, and well balanced for nearly every vocal style. The high-density Memraflex™ grille resists the rigors of life on the road. The ND76S adds a convenient On/Off Mute switch built right into the barrel.


Dynamic Supercardioid Vocal Mic
The supercardioid pickup pattern and advanced high-pass filtering combine to create a microphone that excels in larger venues. The highly-directional polar pattern improves isolation for enhanced fidelity. Tuned filtering accentuates the vocal frequencies, while minimizing stage wash ambience. Inside, a four-point shock mount minimizes handling noise. The humbucking coil keeps the sound free from electromagnetic (EM) interference and other artifacts. The resulting sound is exceptionally smooth and accurate. The high-density Memraflex™ grille resists dents.


Dynamic Supercardioid Vocal Mic
When you need to rip through the mix and keep the vocals clean on a crowded stage, the ND96 is the answer. The foreshortened grille delivers more sound energy to the diaphragm, delivering the maximum gain before feedback. Built-in is a Vocal Presence switch that matches the microphone to the singer’s vocal style. Handling noise is controlled by a four-point internal shock mount; electromagnetic (EM) interference is kept in check by an integrated humbucking coil. Designed to endure, the ND96 offers a die-cast zinc body married to a high-density Memraflex™ grille.


Dynamic Tight Cardioid Instrument Mic
Revolutionary in both form and function, the ND44 goes where other mics can’t. Together, the low-profile capsule, high-density Memraflex™ grille, dual-pivot construction, and integrating DRC-2 finger-loop drum clamp allow tight placement on drums and other instruments without adding clutter to the kit or obstructing the performer. The large diaphragm, precision tuned capsule design captures and preserves the aggressive dynamics of drums and other percussion instruments. The built-in noise-cancelling humbucking coil minimizes electronic interference.


Dynamic Supercardioid Instrument Mic
Highly-directional and equipped with a larger capsule head, the ND46 is ideal for dynamic, full-frequency sound sources—plus sources with extended low-end tone. The unique push-button tilt-lock design allows accurate placement, instantly. Use it on drums, to mic an instrument cabinet, or to capture an instrumental performance. The humbucking coil minimizes electromagnetic (EM) interference. Durable construction features include a die-cast aluminum body, die-cast zinc yoke, and high-density Memraflex™ grille.


Condenser Cardioid Instrument Mic
Incredibly versatile, the ND66 is an accurate condenser instrument microphone that excels in capturing and reproducing nearly any instrument—in both close-mic’d or overhead/ambient positions. The small-diaphragm design preserves incredible detail. The zinc die-cast body features an articulating head that can pivot to nearly any angle. Selectable -10dB and -20dB pads prevent mic overloading; 75 Hz and 150 Hz high-pass filters enhance clarity.


Dynamic Supercardioid Bass Drum Mic
This dynamic mic offers a massive large-diaphragm capsule that delivers excellent acoustic isolation and welcomes highly dynamic transients—including wave fronts with an SPL (Sound Pressure Level) up to 144dB. The “punchy” personality stems from superior low-end character, an aggressive top-end, and a relaxed midrange response. The humbucking coil keeps the sound free from electromagnetic (EM) interference and other artifacts. The high-density Memraflex™ grille resists dents.

RE Series, N/Dym Series, and Wireless Mic Packages

In addition to the ND Series, American Musical Supply is proud to offer the celebrated Electro-Voice RE Series of Variable-D microphones, wireless vocal and instrument packages, plus the popular N/Dym lineup. While many mics can serve many uses, this quick guide can help you zero in on the correct Electro-Voice mics that best meet your audio ideals.


Broadcast Announcer Mic
The Variable-D™ design of the Electro-Voice RE20 dynamic cardioid microphone has made it a longtime favorite in broadcasting booths all over the world. In addition to the large diaphragm, the RE20 boasts a humbucking coil, built-in pop filter, plus an internal shock mount to minimize handling and other noise. The RE20 offers almost no tonal coloration from head-on to 180° off axis, making it ideal for providing a reliable and constant signal as the air talent moves about, or for interviewing subjects with little experience with staying “on-mic.”


Broadcast Mic Bundle
Save money and achieve superior results with this convenient RE20 Bundle. In addition to the famous RE20 microphone, this package includes a professional pop screen, isolated suspension mount, and a premium cable for connecting your new mic.


Large Diaphragm Vocal Mic
The RE320 brings the Variable-D™ design to a new audience in the studio and beyond. Plus, the dynamic Electro-Voice RE320 has a secret identity, doubling as a premier kick drum microphone. The internal shock mount, built-in pop filter, and hum cancelling coil allow the RE320 to operate silently. The Large diaphragm and neodymium magnet structure allows the RE320 to capture exacting high-frequency detail and respond instantly to dynamic transients. Together, all these features make the RE320 perfectly suited for recording a solo acoustic instrument, or a dynamic vocal performance. And about that secret identity? Flip the switch to transform the RE320 into a killer kick drum mic.


Large Diaphragm Vocal Mic Bundle
Get the most from your mic with the RE320 Bundle. In addition to the famous RE320 microphone, this package includes a professional pop screen, isolated shock mount, and a premium cable for connecting your new mic.