A Breakthrough Speaker Design for Live Sound

Electro-Voice Live X Series Powered and Passive PA Speakers set a high bar for performance driven speakers designed for Bands and DJs. Manufactured for demanding live performance applications, Live X is the go-to portable sound solution from a brand that is well known for providing PA setups for top dollar events. Electro-Voice has taken precision-engineering with high quality components and delivered it inside durable, lightweight solid wood cabinets. Live X offers the best-in-class SPL output and frequency response while maintaining it all in stylish, stackable and affordable PA speakers.

Electro-Voice Live X Overview
Live X Overview

Electro-Voice Live X Products

Live X for Bands
The powerful sound of Live X speakers are perfect for touring bands or live sound setups at venues. The portable design makes it easier to lug these speakers on the road from city to city while the rugged enclosure designed by innovative technicians at Electro-Voice is both imperative to the big sound, but is also tough for years of use.

Live X for DJs
Dropping a beat thru a PA driven by Electro-Voice Live X speakers is sweet, sweet magic. Integral to DJ mixing, the Live X has incredible highs, mids and lows to keep your audience on their toes as they hear all the dynamics of your EQ shifts and effects. Whether you're a DJ who gets around or even a club owner looking for a hot system, the Live X is it.

Thoroughly Tested
Electro-Voice thoroughly tests their live sound gear for hours and hours in extreme situations and environments to ensure their speakers are built to endure some of the harshest settings and still come out of it ready for the next gig. Electro-Voice has taken what they've learned from making audio systems for the world’s biggest events and built it into their Live X Series PA Speakers.