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Take your place in rock 'n' roll history with a Fender Stratocaster®

More than any other instrument, the Stratocaster is the definitive guitar of rock music. Way back in 1954, Leo Fender brought together a balanced contoured body, three versatile single-coil pickups, a comfortable maple neck, scooped jack plate, and the tremolo bridge to create one iconic instrument. The Stratocaster quickly ushered in the age of the guitar hero, from Jimi Hendrix to Eric Clapton and beyond. Today, the Stratocaster retains all of its original appeal, and is available in dozens of variations, colors, and configurations. Discover the "Strat" that's just right for you at American Musical Supply.

Choose your Stratocaster

American Ultra Strats
American Ultra Strats boast new body contours for style and comfort, a Modern "D" style neck shape, and are available with either a rosewood or a maple neck with rolled edges. Go under the hood and you're greeted with Ultra noiseless pickups and new DoubleTap™ humbucking on HSS models.
American Professional Strats
Introducing the new American Pro Stratocaster - authentic Fender originals, evolved! Choose between models with Cutting-edge V-Mod single-coil, split-coil, and rich-sounding ShawBucker pickups voiced for specific positions.
Fender American Performer Strats
The American Performer Stratocaster takes center stage alongside the rest of the made-in-Corona, California lineup! These are rocksteady instruments that pack lots of muscle with new Yosemite pickups and a versatile Greasebucket tone system.
American Original Strats
The American Original Stratocaster is a true blend of modern innovation and historic accuracy. These guitars feature detailed design elements, period-specific electronics, and vintage finish colors to bring the sounds and spirit of past decades to life!
Vintera Series Strats
Fender Vintera Series Stratocasters are vintage-inspired guitars that capture the essence of the ‘50s, 60s, and 70s in every way. You’re getting period-accurate neck shapes and decade-specific pickups to go along with a wide collection of colors that includes those classic sea foams, pastels, and metallics.
Player Series Strats
Fender Player Series Stratocasters are true symbols of quality, tradition, and innovation. This universal Strat is available in a vast array of colors, finishes, fingerboards, and pick-up configurations to satisfy nearly any visual need or musical style.
Artist Strats
Honor the spirit of that great guitar player that set you on your own musical path. Fender Artist Stratocasters bring those special features and distinctive style elements created for a signature artist to your next favorite instrument.
Deluxe Strats
Stand Back! Get ready for the scorching sound and intense tone of the Deluxe Stratocaster. These beautiful, hard-working guitars come equipped with customized pickups and hot-rodded electronics for those ready to break from tradition.
Squier Strats
Get back to basics with a Fender Squier Series Stratocaster. All of the iconic elements have been preserved, with enough up-to-date options to provide unprecedented value, tone, and playability. Squier Strats are just the guitar for any type of player.

More than any other instrument, the Stratocaster is the definitive guitar of rock music. Discover the "Strat" that's just right for you at American Musical Supply.