Meet the Gibson Family

Gibson USA

A 2016 Gibson USA guitar is waiting to help you tell your musical story! These instruments draw from the creative visions of countless musicians who brought their music to life with a Gibson. AMS has the models, styles, and looks to help you take that next step as a guitarist. The iconic Les Paul, the agile SG, the sleek Firebird, the intense Explorer, and the extreme Flying V - getting your very own is easier than ever with our 0% interest payment plans! These exciting 2016 HP-series guitars bring the beautiful harmony of time-tested craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology together as one. The 2016 Traditional Series pay homage to Gibson’s historic roots, combining traditional configurations specifically geared to push performance, all while maintaining the impeccable quality and craftsmanship that has always been a Gibson trademark.

Gibson Custom

When you pick up a Gibson Custom, it’s clear that these instruments are the result of expert workmanship going above and beyond what is normally expected of a professional guitar! Painstaking builds, thorough research, and accuracy inspired by an era of vintage guitars and musical icons are present down to the smallest details. If you want an instrument that stands out in a crowd combined with the personalized individuality you crave, a Gibson Custom Guitar is your answer. Find your finish, choose your design, and know that your custom will provide you with a lifetime of musical excitement that you’ll experience each and every time you play.

Gibson Memphis

Gibson’s Memphis line of guitars draws from an illustrious history. These incredible hollowbody and semi-hollowbody guitars are big, bold instruments ready to bring your vibrant jazz, rock-and-roll, blues, rockabilly, and alternative rock tones to life! Gibson archtop hollowbodies bring you their unmistakable crisp and pointed sounds - a look back to the dawn of electronic guitar in the jazz ensemble. Blaze new musical paths with the versatile Gibson ES-series, an instrument that draws from history, continuing to take the deep, colorful tone of their hollowbodies and pair it with the confidence and sonic fire of their solid electrics.

Gibson Acoustic

Before their boundary-shattering electric guitars came on the scene, it was the distinctive look and bold sound of their acoustic guitars that defined Gibson's legacy. Gibson Acoustics are all about robust build and tone, with models like the J-45 having secured its place as one of history's most beloved and played acoustic guitars. Whether you’re driven by the call of travelling and performing on the road or have happily put down roots, the muscular projection of a Gibson acoustic will suit your needs for years and years to come.